FD101 Series Dispensers have been designed for a wide temperature range between – 40 to + 55 deg C. The dispensers comply with the latest European Standards on safety and metered accuracy.

FD101 Series Dispensers

Electronic Register

  • Backlit liquid crystal display
  • Sale
  • Volume
  • Unit Price

    Pumping Unit / Air Separator

  • Heavy duty Self priming positive displacement
  • Pump-comprising
  • Removable filter
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Float chamber for back suction

    Metering unit

  • High accuracy four piston flow meter
  • Viton and ptfe seals
  • Long service life
  • 0.25% accuracy over the full flow range


  • Electronic switching eliminating the centrifugal switch for long service.

    Nozzle Switch

  • Robust magnetic proximity switch operated
  • by nozzle spout within the nozzle boot


    Maximum Flow Rate (Standard) 45 liters per minute
    Maximum Flow Rate (High Speed) 80 liters per minute
    Minimum Flow Rate 5 liters per minute
    Motor Speed 1420 rpm
    Minimum metered out volume within 0.25% limits
    Maximum inlet Pressure 1.4 bar – 20 psi
    Maximum Pump head 5.5m



    FD101 Single Product Single Hose
    FD101P Single Product Single Hose Preset.Height hose mast optional.