Single product single hose two displays or two product two hose four displays. Two vehicle fuelling either side. Preset models for precise dispensing of selected amount in litres or cash. Stand alone or self service. Self service models operate with the Balvin FDX software. Receipt printer option.
SpecificationsFD302 Series Dispensers

Electronic Register

  • Backlit liquid crystal display
  • Sale 00000.00
  • Volume 0000.00
  • Unit Price 000.00

    Pumping Unit -2 nos.

  • Self priming positive displacement
  • Removable filter
  • Adjustable Pressure relief valve
  • Float chamber for back suction

    Metering unit

  • High accuracy four piston flow meter
  • Viton shaft seal carbon PTFE piston seals
  • Long service life
  • 0.25% accuracy over the full flow range


  • 0.37/56 kW single phase or three phase.
  • Electronic control or with centrifugal switch

    Nozzle Switch

  • Robust magnetic proximity switch
  • Piston or lever operated


  • RFID Reader – to identify attendant
  • Volume – magnetic or submersible type


    FD301 single product hose 45 l/m
    FD302 two product two hose 45 l/m
    High speed suffixed with H
    Preset suffixed with P
    Receipt printer suffixed with R