The user can simply install the FDX  pump controller software on his PC  and control and authorise the pumps from the PC keyboard or mouse.  This will give all the facility of the extensive FDX software  with point of sale and back office facility at a minimal cost.

The embedded version of the FDX software is supplied  as touch screen  for ease of operation avoiding peripheral clutter on the kiosk desk.

FDX can be liked to receipt printer cash drawer, bar code scanner and other remote peripherals with relative ease..

If dispensers are fitted with pre pay slow  flow solenoid  exact amount of fuel can be authorised from the kiosk after payment has been received.

The FDX can record all the transactions even if operating in the attendant mode thus providing a full analysis of fuel stock.

FDX pump controller incorporating the POS is ideal for the small to medium forecourt retailer
A Brief Look at some of the Features provided by FDX

Pump Authorization ScreenPump Authorization Screen
  • In the figure shown, there are five pumps configured. There are three pump islands with an FD102, FD204 and FD101 Balvin dispensers respectively.

    Tank level Indicator ScreenTank level Indicator Screen
  • Besides the graphical representation of the pumps FDX also displays the graphical representation on the tanks that are setup.
  • It displays the type of fuel in the tank, the calculated/numeric level of the tank and the level as read in from the tank gauge if connected .

    Report ScreenReport Screen
  • Various reports to provide useful analysis of transactions undertaken at the pumps
  • One of several reports screen displayed on the right