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Balvin has been manufacturing fuel dispensers and fuel monitoring equipment for over 35 years. Balvin has pioneered a number of features in the field of fuel monitoring including the PC controlled fuel monitor in 1994 thus making Balvin the undoubted leader in this field. The new fuel monitoring software is now available in several European languages.

Vehical Number Plate Recognition System

fuel dispensers Fuel Management Software

The fully integrated iDX is a dispenser, fuel management system and tank gauge all in one. The secure fuel dispensing together with the tank gauge provides the user with a fully automated system to reconcile fuel stock.

From a strong commercial base Balvin moved to the forecourt dispensers and control equipment. Introduction of the low cost PC based pump controller provides the smaller stations to effectively control their wet and dry stock.

The new range of retail dispensers from the single product single hose to the multi-product versions offer excellent value for money. This with addition to the latest touch screen pump controllers gives the users a fully integrated forecourt system.

The electronic point of sale (EPOS) which is integrated in the pump controller allows the user to control his wet and dry stock from just one equipment.

UK’s first refueling by VEHICLE NUMBER RECOGNITION (VNR) with touch screen panel provides fast and secure fueling for fleet operators