Vehicle Number Recognition

High Security Refueling and Number Plate Recognition

Number Plate Recognition

Day or Night

Dust and Dirt


Night Number Plate Recognition
Dust & Dirt Proof Number Plate Recognition

Excellent neural engine gives near perfect recognition

Control vehicles in and out of the yard

For greater security with barriers or traffic lights

Night Number Plate Recognition

Advance Touch Screen Panel Detected Vehicle Displayed on screen Mileage entries and other made easy Display shows Service intervals to drivers

VNR can control upto four Balvin or other pumps and four tank gauges

Tank Gauges


Technical Specification

Report ScreenReport Screen
Capacitive or IR Touch Screen
3G Modem or LAN Connection
Web Hosting
Alpha Numeric Keyboard
Job Number Entry
Tank Gauge
Tank Log

VNR can be supplied with or without ANPR camera

Additional security cameras can be connected to the system

Service intervals displayed on screen to alert the drivers

RS232 connections to pumps and tanks.
Pictures displayed on transaction Report Screen
Comprehensive reporting
RFID tag for Driver ID
Card reader
Tank log

Dimensions 376 (H) 380(W) 300 (D)
Temperature -20 + 55 C
Humidity 98%
Power 100 -240V ac 60W

VNR1 Touch Screen System

VNR2 Touch Screen System